Annie's Guitars

Annie is thrilled to play a wonderful Froggy Bottom K-12 guitar with venetian cutaway, custom made for her by her friend Michael Millard (and pictured at right). She calls it Ol' 500 (for its serial number).

She has a new parlor-size Froggy Bottom guitar on the way too, due in April. That one will be Lil' 800 (also named for its serial number). You can see pictures of it in progress on this page.

Annie's electric guitar of choice is a Gibson Blueshawk, pictured on the cover of Swerve. And her amp is a classic 1968 Fender Deluxe. She uses and endorses Elixir strings.


A word about tunings

Annie uses, almost exclusively, DADEAD tuning. She says "I call it drop dead tuning, because the top strings are DEAD." Her playing is "really a Mississippi John Hurt thing, that's where it all started. Because I tune my guitar funny, it's got a more modern sound, but it's really John Hurt type licks. I just love it. It's so full of possibilities. I keep exploring it, and finding new things."