Lori's Long Legs

I never thought Lori was all that pretty, did you?

Not really, unless you count pretty hair, but
She comes from money and who wouldn’t look
Like a million bucks in an eighty dollar haircut?

Yeah, but money didn’t buy Lori’s long legs
Remember her in track team, skinny kid in braces?

Yes, I remember that thin tin grin
But I don’t remember long legs winning any races

No, she wasn’t winning, but she placed ahead of me
I’d be panting there behind her, flapping my arms
While she flashed them scissors, like, what’s the big rush?

All that running didn’t do the look of Lori’s legs any harm

No, and pretty legs were her ticket to cool
Pass her in the hall, it was like she never knew us
And I remember I was nothing but glad
When her dad climbed the ladder, took the family to St Louis

And I forgot her, never thought about her until tonight
Flipping through the stations, oh my god! It’s Lori!
With the hair and the legs and a stupid little crown
And a banner across her chest that says Miss Missouri

©2004 Annie Gallup

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